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Collection: J.P. Moreland CDs

24 products
  • The Case for Christianity (CD)
  • Responding to the New Atheism Vol 1-2 (CD)
  • Religious Experience and Our Knowledge of God (CD)
  • Jesus and the Passion Week (CD)
  • Dethroning Three Contemporary Sources of Anxiety (CD)
  • Arguments for the Existence of God (CD)
  • Answering the Skeptic (CD)
  • Metaphysics Weekend Seminar Vol 1-2 (CD)
  • Loving God with All Your Mind (CD)
  • The Life of Christ (CD)
  • Case for the Existence of the Soul (CD)
  • A Debate on the Existence of a Christian God (CD)
  • A Novel Approach to Reasonable Faith (CD)
  • Relating Deeply to the Risen Christ (CD)
  • Real Education Raising Kids to Flourish in God and Knowledge (CD)
  • Psychology and Intelligent Design (CD)
  • Philosophy of Education (CD)
  • Kingdom Triangle (CD)
  • Intelligent Design and the Nature or Science (CD)
  • In Defense of the Soul (CD)
  • Enduring Disciple (CD)
  • Cultivating Your Christian Spirituality (CD)
  • Christianity and the Crisis of Modern Culture (CD)
  • A Case for Life After Death (CD)