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Collection: Apologetics For Teens

These are some wonderful resources to help your child form a solid intellectual foundation for their Christian faith.
17 products
  • Learning Logic
  • The Defense Never Rests: A Workbook for Budding Apologists
  • Why Does God Allow Evil? Compelling Answers for Life's Toughest Questions
  • On Guard Box Set
  • Apologetics Study Bible for Students
  • On Guard for Students: A Thinker's Guide to the Christian Faith
  • Five Sacred Crossings
  • So the Next Generation Will Know
  • Apologetics for a New Generation: A Biblically and Culturally Relevant Approach to Talking about God
  • More than a Carpenter
  • A New Kind of Apologist
  • The Case for a Creator: A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence That Points Toward God
  • Is God Just a Human Invention
  • The Case for Easter
  • The Case for Faith
  • Metamorphosis (DVD)
  • Challenging our Thoughts on Entertainment (CD)