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Learning Logic

William Lane Craig, Illustrated by Marli Renee
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Logic is crucial to right thinking. There are only nine basic rules of logic which govern all reasoning, and most of these you already use instinctively. Knowing the rules of logic will help you to draw the correct conclusions from what you believe and to spot the errors in what others say when they break the rules. In a day and age when religious belief is derided by many as irrational, it is especially important for Christians to learn to think logically and to articulate logically what they believe. They also must be able to expose the logical fallacies rampant in the anti-Christian critiques of popular culture. Learning Logic is the easiest introduction to the rules of logic on the market today. Dr. Craig, a philosopher who has taught logic to university students, wrote this book for the purpose of teaching his own young children the basic rules of logic. He has filled it with engaging exercises to help you put into practice the rules you learn. The beautiful and playful illustrations by Marli Renee make the book fun to read as you work your way through it. By mastering the rules in this book you will take a giant step in becoming a deeper, more thoughtful, and more logical person.


Format Paperback
Number of Pages 126
Year 2014