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Why the Fossil Record is the Way it is (CD)

Hugh Ross
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Why would a loving God choose such a seemingly torturous unending process of extinction and speciation? The naturalistic position cannot explain the fossil record pattern that we see and this conundrum has bothered evolutionary biologist for years. Perhaps we should step back and realize that it's not enough to address this question from biology and paleontology. Dr. Ross suggests that this problem cannot be solved unless we bring physics, astronomy, geology and chemistry into the context of zoology, botany and the fossil record. To do good science, you must integrate all the disciplines. Ross discusses what Darwin didn't know - the physics of the solar system - and what Darwin didn't believe - Psalm 104. Ross also proffers that God created our planet with conditions conducive for humans to create global high technology civilization.



Format: Audio CD
Length (in Minutes): 152
Number of Discs: 2