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God and Evolution (DVD)

Multiple Speakers
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Can you believe in God and evolution at the same time? What is "theistic" evolution, and how consistent is it with traditional theism? What challenges does Darwin's theory pose for Protestants, Catholics, and Jews? Is it "anti-science" to question Darwinian theory? Watch and see how these questions and many more were explored with a panel of experts at Biola University including Marvin Olasky, Ph.D., Jay Richards, Ph.D., John Bloom, Ph.D.,Ph.D. and many more!

God & Evolution: Protestants, Catholics, and Jews Explore Darwin's Challenge to Faith Part 1 - Jay W. Richards: The Central Issues
Part 2 - John G. West: Three Big Questions
Part 3 - Casey Luskin: Why the New Atheists Won't Be Appeased
Part 4 - Denyse O'Leary: Catholics and Evolution
Part 5 - David Klinghoffer: Judaism and Evolution
Part 6 - Jonathan Wells: Science and Theistic Evolution
Part 7 - Panel Discussion with Marvin Olasky


Length (in Minutes) 246
Number of Discs 2