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Darwinism and Its Impact on Public Policy (CD)

Richard Wiekart, John West
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In this lecture, Dr. Weikart discusses Darwinism’s impact on social ethics and begins by offering reflections on his work as a graduate student focusing on the relationship between Darwinism and the evil eugenics culture of Nazi Germany. And while the horrors of the Third Reich and the Holocaust have come to represent the most extreme incarnation of human wickedness, Darwinism itself persists as an ideology, working to erode the value of human life. Worse, many individuals are often unaware of the logical inconsistency of denouncing Nazis while embracing a Darwinian worldview which fundamentally undermines human rights. Dr. Weikart and Dr. West work to examine the implications of Darwinism’s affects in arenas of public policy like bioethics and the definition of personhood.


Format Audio CD
Length (in Minutes) 67
Number of Discs 2