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Product Image of CD Case

Craig vs. Hughes: Christianity vs. Agnosticism (CD or DVD)

William Lane Craig and R.I.G. Hughes
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The debate between William Lane Craig and R.I.G. Hughes took place at the University of South Carolina and was sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ. Hughes argues for the agnostics' position by explaining that neither logic nor science has anything to say about the existence of God. Any arguments for God come from an extra logical premise. Craig reveals, however, that the claim we cannot know that God exists, is a huge claim that needs to bear the burden of proof. He goes on to show that there are different forms of agnosticism and that rational agnosticism is compatible with Christian faith. Dr. Craig defends theism while presenting a multi-faceted argument for the untenability of agnosticism.


  • Format Audio CD
  • Number of Discs 2
  • Length (in Minutes) 116
  • or
  • Format Visual DVD
    Length (in Minutes) 145