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Craig vs. Harris: Is The Foundation for Morality Natural or Supernatural? (CD or DVD)

William Lane Craig and Sam Harris
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Sponsored by the University of Notre Dame’s Center for the Philosophy of Religion, William Lane Craig and Sam Harris met for the first time in April of 2011 to tackle the question, “Are the foundations of morals natural or supernatural?” Dr. Craig argues ontologically, asserting that theism alone provides an objective standard for the existence of morality. His investigation highlights the flaws in naturalism and atheism, pointing out that morality is only possible when free will exists, and cannot arise from mere biological imperative. Harris grounds his arguments in utilitarianism, suggesting that moral values result from human evolution and the practices of popular culture. For Harris, the question of good and evil comes down to the human mind, and the experience of pleasure versus misery, relegating morality to a matter of perception.


Format Audio CD
Length (in Minutes) 120
Number of Discs 2

Format Visual DVD
Length (in Minutes) 120
Number of Discs 1