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Collection: Sean McDowell Books

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  • Evidence that Demands a Verdict
  • Apologetics Study Bible for Students
  • 77 FAQs About God and the Bible
  • So the Next Generation Will Know
  • Apologetics for a New Generation: A Biblically and Culturally Relevant Approach to Talking about God
  • More than a Carpenter
  • The Bible Handbook of Difficult Verses: A Complete Guide to Answering the Tough Questions
  • The Fate of the Apostles
  • A New Kind of Apologist
  • The Beauty of Intolerance: Setting a Generation Free to Know Truth and Love
  • Jesus is Alive: Evidence for the Resurrection for Kids
  • The Unshakeable Truth
  • The Unshakeable Truth Study Guide
  • Is God Just a Human Invention
  • So the Next Generation Will Know Participant's Guide: Preparing Young Christians for a Challenging World
  • Chasing Love: Sex, Love, and Relationships in a Confused Culture
  • The Quest
  • Understanding Intelligent Design
  • Same-Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Approach to God's Design for Marriage