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C.S. Lewis: His Life and Works Vol 1-2 (CD)

Jerry Root
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Wonder who the true-life authors of the "Green Book" were in the Abolition of Man, or why Puddleglum stamped out the fire in The Silver Chair? Ever heard C.S. Lewis' commentary on fantasy as "escape" versus " realty", or his classifications of longing opinion? In this three-day seminar class, Dr. Root explores all these and more, demonstrating how Lewis integrated "the rule which is not tyranny and an obedience which is not slavery" into his life and writings, and examining how Lewis interacted with the ideas of Aristotle, Augustine, Dante, Chaucer, Wordsworth and others. Any Lewis fan will learn - and love - this in-depth and personal look at this author's literary treasures. Volumes 1 and 2.


Format Audio CD
Length (in Minutes) 763.5
Number of Discs 11