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Can a Thinking Person Believe in Jesus (CD)

David Horner
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Every day, a guard in the former Soviet Union asked a man with a wheelbarrow to empty his load, suspecting him of smuggling something. But each day, the load was the same--sawdust. After weeks of frustration, the guard finally demanded, "What are you smuggling anyway?" "Wheelbarrows," the man replied. Sometimes it can be quite easy to miss what we're looking for-even when it's right under our nose- because of our misconceptions! C.S. Lewis said that we were meant to run on God as car was made to run on gas, yet a common objection to Christianity is that "thinking people" don't believe. Dr. Horner demonstrates that it's not only possible, but also reasonable for thinking people to believe in Jesus, by debunking five misconceptions that distort our vision of Jesus.


Format Audio CD
Length (in Minutes) 46.5
Number of Discs 1