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Craig vs. Tannsjo: If God Is Dead, Is Everything Permitted? (CD)

William Lane Craig and Torbjorn Tannsjo
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As the climax of a speaking tour of Swedish universities in the spring of 2001 William Lane Craig met Torbjorn Tannsjo, Sweden's leading ethicist, in Gothenburg to debate the question: If God is dead, is everything permitted? Prof. Tannsjo is a hedonistic utilitarian, who believes that the good is whatever brings the greatest pleasure to the greatest number of people and that God has nothing at all to do with morality. Prof. Craig argues that moral values and duties are based in the commands of a holy and loving God and that without God morality becomes wholly subjective. This gripping debate will help you to clarify your own thinking about the basis of moral values.


Format Audio CD
Length (in Minutes) 84.5
Number of Discs 2