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Resurrection Historical Event of Hermeneutical Interpretation? (CD)

Multiple Speakers
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An important conference held at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, featuring a dialogue between N. T. Wright and John Dominic Crossan, with incisive responses to the dialogue from William Lane Craig, Gary Habermas, and others. These dynamic speakers discuss topics such as the historicity of the resurrection, mapping recent trends in critical resurrection theories, the gospel of Peter, epistemology and the resurrection, and the future of the resurrection. This conference is part of the Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint forum.


Conference Speakers: N.T. Wright, John Dominic Crossan, William Lane Craig, Gary Habermas, Douglas Geivett, Charles Quarles, Craig Evans and Ted Peters

Location: New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, New Orleans, LA
Date: March 2005
8-disc Audio CD set